Top 6 Baby Winter Clothes Your Baby Needs for Layering

Winter is upon us, wrapping our world in a serene blanket of snow or if you’re here, just good old English grey, wet weather. There's magic in the air, especially for first-time parents. 

Winter weather brings the perfect excuse for snuggling up. 

Let's dive into the top six baby winter clothes that will keep your bundle of joy snug as a bug and stylish throughout the season.

Baby Winter Clothes Essentials

As the temperatures drop, it's crucial to invest in quality baby boy and baby girl winter clothes that provide both warmth and comfort.  As a general rule, babies will need one extra layer compared to what an adult needs.

Here are six must-have baby winter clothes that will complete your baby's winter wardrobe:

Star Print Cotton Babygrow in Raspberry Pink

Star Print Cotton Babygrow in Raspberry Pink

Stars are a must for baby girl winter clothes. Our star-print babygrow in a creamy raspberry pink is perfect for layering beneath jackets or sweaters. It comes with our signature magnetic fasteners that make dressing a doddle.

Newborn Baby Hat with Ears

Newborn Baby Hat with Ears

Winter shopping means buying things that will keep your baby warm from head to toe. Our newborn baby hat features sweet little ears. You can double the layer with a hooded top to protect the head further if you’re going outside.  Don’t go outside in the cold without something to cover your baby’s head and preferably their ears too.

Newborn Babygrow and Hat Set

This matching babygrow and hat set is a practical choice for winter layering. Keep your little one cozy with this matching set.

Reversible Hooded Top for Baby

Reversible Hooded Top for Baby

We use these hoodies as dressing gowns, jackets, and car warmers.  No zips, no dressing gown cords, and no backache leaning over to do the buttons up.  Our reversible hooded top is perfect indoors and under a baby coat, a must-have winter item.

Long Sleeve Top with Peter Pan Collar

Long Sleeve Top with Peter Pan Collar

Dress up without the hassle with our long sleeve top, complete with a classic Peter Pan collar. It's the ideal layering piece for special occasions and turns any jumper or cardigan into a smart party outfit.

How to Layer Winter Baby Clothes?

Layering is the key to keeping your baby warm and comfortable during the winter months. Here are some tips on how to layer effectively:

Start with a Base Layer:

  • Opt for a light-weight, 100% cotton layer, next to the skin to keep your baby dry and warm.

Add Insulating Layers:

  • Choose insulating layers like babygrows, Peter-pan collar tops, etc. to trap heat close to the body. Our magnetic babygrow collection is made of 100% cotton fabric which is both warm and breathable.

Finish with a Weatherproof Outer Layer:

  • A water-resistant and windproof outer layer is essential if you are going outside.  Babies cool down very quickly and cannot regulate their own body temperatures.

Make Your Baby Winter-Ready with Magnet Mouse

As the cold season approaches, make sure your little one is ready to face it head-on with the perfect baby winter clothes for layering. Explore our collection at Magnet Mouse for a range of options that combine style and comfort. Keep your baby safe, warm, and cuddly.