Frequently Asked Questions

What are Magnets?
Magnetic materials occur naturally in the earth. The primary property of a magnet is that it attracts or repels other magnetic materials. Magnets have many uses from industrial to household such as fridge magnets.

Are there health or safety concerns with the magnets?
There are no known health concerns with exposure or proximity to these magnets. In fact, some people believe that magnets can be used to speed up the healing process. People with pacemakers should take care handling or being around magnets, even the ones in electric toothbrushes. Whilst MM magnets are not strong by magnetic standards, we advise you to consult a medical professional for further information if you do have a pacemaker.

More information can be found on the following website:

Danger of swallowing a magnet?
The magnet is enclosed in a perforated plastic cove and is sewn inside the lining of the garment. No part of the magnet is exposed to the outside of the clothing. In the unlikely event that stitching of the garment’s lining becomes loose, the magnet will remain sewn to the fabric via this plastic covering. It would take a purposeful effort to free the magnet from its double layer of stitching: this has been third party safety tested according to EU regulation and been certified as safe for children and babies.

Can the magnetic fastenings break?
No. Conventional fastening devices such as poppers, Velcro and small buttons, can break, wear out or detach from the garment. Magnet Mouse products do not wear out, they do not break, they require neither dexterity nor patience, and you can use them in the dark with your eyes closed.

Will the magnets lose their magnetism over time?
No. MM magnets are permanent magnets. Some types of magnet do lose their strength over time, but not the ones we use. At very high temperatures (over 80 celsius), they may lose some strength, but this returns once the magnets have cooled down.

Are they washing machine and tumble drier safe?
Yes, absolutely. To protect the shape, colour and texture of the fabric however, do not wash the garments at more than 30°C. If tumble drying, please do it on a low heat, and remove promptly when finished.

Are there any other special instructions?
Yes, a couple. Please make sure the magnetic fastenings are closed before washing and drying. Please do not wash the garments at more than 30°C, this is also more environmentally friendly and will lower your household bills. Please wash and dry with a full laundry load and remember to wash garments with similar colours.

Can I stick my child to the fridge while I prepare lunch?
While a number of customers have said this would be a helpful feature of our garments, unfortunately the answer is no, the magnets are far too weak. We are designing some fridge magnets which we think may be a more decorative option for the fridge door.

If you have any questions regarding our magnetic fastenings, please don’t hesitate to contact us at