Magnet Mouse Launch

We are thrilled to launch our first range of babygros, rompers and bodies. It's been an exciting journey, from months of research and safety testing to choosing designs, fabrics and factories. We couldn't have done it without you, the wonderful parents and grandparents who told us what you needed and wanted. The result is beautiful baby clothes which take seconds to do up. Thank you to all those fabulous little models who wriggled, giggled and did sideways flips while their parents dressed them in our samples. Daddies showed off, closing rompers with one hand and even blind-folded while Mummies excelled at removing babygros without waking our tiny models. Grandparents sighed with relief and asked if we had a dirty nappy solution too (we don't yet, but everything is possible).

When it's chilly, let our classic Peter Pan collars transform any jumper or cardigan into a gorgeous little outfit. At Magnet Mouse, we are campaigning for parents' rights to a simpler, more efficient dressing routine. You deserve those extra minutes, reclaim them, they're yours!

As a proud Aunt and Godmother, I believe few things are more enjoyable than a smiling, happy, beautifully dressed baby. Magnet Mouse's mission is to show parents that pretty outfits do not have to be expensive or an effort. They can be affordable and simple and all delivered to your door wrapped in tissue paper and ribbons. Magic.

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