Mayfair Musings places Magnet Mouse in top spot for New Baby Essentials Feb 24

Victoria Moy, founder of The Mayfair Musings has put Magnet Mouse as the No. 1 on her New Baby Checklist:  Current Newborn & 0-6m essentials.  

Reading Mayfair Musings takes me away from childrens' tea, mud and wellies and pours me into a world of romantic restaurants, art exhibitions, exotic holidays and London life.  I can almost smell the expensive scent as I read her blog.  I love it and I love that she loves Magnet Mouse, love all round. Mx

"If you are tired of fighting with fiddly onesie poppers after a late night baby change, Magnet Mouse are here to save the day. These beautiful, 100% cotton, award-winning onesies boast hidden magnetic fasteners for quick and easy changes - it practically fastens itself. I am very grateful for any time-saving solution when I am getting very little sleep, and can highly recommend this wonderful brand."

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