Storytellhers Review Mary Poppins Magic

We love this new blog from mummies Stephanie Drax and Rowan Evans. Full of fabulous products, insight and stories. We are especially delighted to see our names in the same post as the magical Mary Poppins - one of our top heroines.

....These are the times I ache for some Mary Poppins movie magic, or for a 21st-century toy-tidying app. I appeal to anyone to make the mundane aspects of motherhood easier and quicker…and I’ve recently come across one such person. She’s not promising to neutralize a nuclear blast of plastic paraphernalia in the nursery, but her little invention will help new mothers claw back precious seconds from a repetitive routine.

Magnet Mouse is a British clothing brand for babies that does away with fiddly fastenings, buttons and poppers. Each of their romper suits is made with clever magnets that snap together in an instant. So, once the babygrow is on, it practically pulls itself together. Genius.


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