Two Bronze Award At Bizzie Baby 2017 Plus Reviews.

Three reviews from the testers for the best bedtime and best baby clothing categores. We are thrilled to say we won Bronze in both!.

And our favourite excerpt:

"The fabric was really soft and excellent quality. It washed well too. My daughter was happy wearing the sleep suit. The item was easy to wash and dry. I didn’t need to iron it. I practised trying out the magnets before putting my baby in it, it was so use. My partner thought it was great too. He was amazed at how easy it was to dress a wriggling baby; it soon became the suit of choice for night time as we could get our baby changed quickly in a dim light. Very simple and quick to use when out and about. This is so much easier for grandparents or people with less dexterity, as the magnets clip together so easily without having to struggle clicking press studs together. My Partner thought it was a great product and very simple to use."

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